About Us

         TARA  is the leader in the production of industrial plastic sheets for agricultural, aquacultural, and environmental purposes. We select premium-grade polyethylene materials, utilize modern machinery, and conduct inspections of raw materials and product quality by our highly skilled team. This ensures that TARA’s products are of high quality and meet international standards.

         With a clear goal to become a leader in plastic sheet manufacturing, the company is aware of the importance of the environment and the community. TARA has been certified for its quality management system for its HDPE GEOMEMBRANE pond liners in accordance with the GRI GM-13 standard and LLDPE GEOMEMBRANE in line with the GRI GM-17 standard. This ensures the products have long-term durability and are highly resistant to sun, rain, and corrosion. Importantly, we continuously improve our quality to ensure our clients receive the best value, price, and maximum benefits.


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